In any war with bed bugs it is crucial to spot the bed bug invaders as soon as possible if you don’t they will multiply quickly and inflict many bites on you and make it increasingly expensive for treatment from a certified pest control exterminator.

Your first indication will probably be bites; bed bug bites usually come in groups of threes. People react differently to the bites. Some people have the bites swell up badly and others hardly get any kind of reaction.

Bed Bugs don’t like hair so the bites will be in places on your body where there is less hair.

Bed really are nocturnal and you will likely only see them between 2 AM and 4 AM, but if the infestation is large you may see them at other times.

Bed bugs themselves are wingless insects with reddish brown tint, larvae and younger bed bugs are usually translucent becoming white or gold till they feed. (After all bed bugs feed they will have a more reddish appearance).Adults are small in size 4-5 mm in length and 1.5 mm in width and are oval and flat.

However, they are expert at hiding. You are much more likely to see blood smears on the sheets, their fecal matter(looks like a pepper spray) or the bed bug casings and skin that they have shedded. They shed their skin 5 times before reaching full size. Bed bug eggs are pretty much invisible to the human eye but very sticky and help explain why bed bugs spread so efficiently.

The fecal matter spray, shedded skin and blood smears are the signs you must focus on. Peel back the sheets on your bed and look in the crevices of your mattress at the head of bed, specifically the crevice between the box spring and the mattress. This is a primary hiding place as bed bugs like to be close to their food source.

Also check around the headboard, it cannot be repeated enough how adept they are hiding in notches of the headboard and bed frame. You almost have to conclude that to find them you will need to disassemble the headboard and frame as they almost intrinsically know what needs to be unscrewed to see them.

Bed Bugs can hide almost anywhere under baseboards and carpets, behind the plastic of electrical outlets and picture frames, underneath loose wallpaper, inside clocks, phones, televisions.

Also don’t assume you have only one colony.

It is highly recommended that you get bed bug certified mattress and box spring covers which prevent the bed bugs from getting out or in of your mattress and box spring, thus saving your bed and protecting you.

The best way to find them is with a highly trained bed bug dog. A properly trained dog and their superb sense of smell can detect bed bug eggs which the human eye can barely see and bed bugs.

Defining the scope and location of the bed bug infestation quickly will save you time, money and mental trauma. Bed bug trained detection dogs do this better than anything else.

Another great way to expose bed bugs is the Bed Bug Beacon Active CO2 Monitor And Trap. The beacon is popular for individuals and pest control operators wanting to know if bed bugs are present.

We also highly recommend bed bug interceptors. These are the first line of defense from bed bugs getting to your bed. This can be a great way to stop bed bug bites, or just a way to detect the bed bugs.