In the following article we are going to try and explain how to prevent bed bug bites and bed bugs from infesting your home.

How to prevent bed bug bites?

If you already have bed bugs at your home, perhaps the best possible solution to prevent bed bug bites is to start wearing pajamas. By doing this you will cover a large part of your skin, which will certainly reduce the number of bites and even prevent them.

How to prevent bed bugs infestations?

There are many people who buy used stuff like bed frames, headboards, used or antique furniture in their homes. If you are one of them, make sure to thoroughly inspect these elements before bringing them home. This also applies for second-hand clothes but you have one extra option here, and that is putting the clothes in a dryer for more than 15 minutes on the highest temperature the material can stand.

There are also a few simple tips you can take care of while traveling. Make sure to check the room you are going to sleep in for bed bugs. Make sure there are no signs of bed bugs and check the bed and sheets, and also the areas near the bed. If you notice any sign of bed bugs, it would be best to change the hotel or at least the room. Also, never put your luggage and personal items on the bed until you finish with the inspection. And when you return home from the trip, check your luggage again.

The bed covers and sheets should be washed at least once a week. Wash them with hot water, but make sure you check first what the hottest temperature the fabrics can stand is. Vacuuming the house is also an important step in your efforts to prevent bed bugs. It should be done at least once a week with paying a special attention to the places where these insects can hide.

Another valuable tip that will help the bed bugs from entering is taking care on the home interior, repairing any cracks on the window frames, floors and walls, and sealing all the holes that are not needed. By taking care on all these measures you are very likely to have a home free of bed bugs.