Want to get rid of those swollen bed bug bites? Well of course get rid of the bed bugs. Bed bug bites can be painful, but in reality they are not dangerous to your health. I know that is little consolation when you are covered with them, but it is a fact. With bed bugs back with a vengeance in some cities, it is good to know that they do not pose a health hazard. For more information on getting rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs can be very hard to get rid of; one reason is even if you get rid of the bugs it is hard to get all their eggs. Once the eggs hatch you have a new case of bed bug bites. It is recommended that you retreat every week for approx four weeks. Although it can be expensive, many recommend hiring an experience exterminator to do the job.

Treatment includes:

  • washing all bedding and clothing;
  • vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets, sofas, beds, etc.
  • sealing mattress and box springs in plastic after cleaning;
  • spraying baseboards, especially in apartments;
  • freeze pajamas, sheets and other bedclothes for at least 24 hours or launder them in hot water of at least 97 F;
  • vacuum the area of infestation daily and freeze the vacuum bags for 24 hours.

There are companies that sell kits to get rid of bed bugs. Most come with complete instructions and everything needed for the job. There is a new treatment called Cryonite that get rid of the bugs by freezing them. It is one of the first treatments that I have seen that destroys the eggs also. It has to be administered by a pest control company of course, not sure what the cost is. It is something to consider checking into if you get an infestion.