<p>Bed bugs are really nasty little creatures and as pesky as they are, they’re also stealthy. Here are some cool tips to detect those irritating bugs even after <a href="https://pestcontrolhacks.com/advion-cockroach-gel-bait-the-cockroach-fights-ultimate-champion/">pest control with DuPont Advion roach bait station</a>.</p>

Bed bugs are really nasty little creatures and as pesky as they are, they’re also stealthy. Here are some cool tips to detect those irritating bugs even after pest control with DuPont Advion roach bait station.

Search for their waste

The first sign bed bugs are present in your couch is their waste. Bed bugs, like any other insects, are very hard to find but they always leave something behind. One of the biggest indicators that your mattress is infested with bed bugs is their droppings. Search your mattress for dark spots that can either be solid feces, eggs, shed skins and blood blots. If you find a handful, then there are more bed bugs than you expected.
Search yourself for bites

One of the biggest evidences of bed bug infestation is bed bug bites. Bed bug bites symptoms are very hard to identify because it takes a while before you feel the itchy sensation. They are also very hard to compare with other insect bites because they are closely identical. Even though it is usually an itchy bite that we ignore, there are some cases wherein it reaches a large magnitude. There are some cases when bed bugs bite baby infants and transfer diseases like hepatitis b and Chagas disease.
Search for their lairs

If there are bugs, then they must be hiding somewhere. Their hiding places include crevices in the mattress, holes, the folds in the linens, nearby carpets and furniture, curtains and many more. Seeing a live one may be unlikely but seeing a dead one is a first sign that bed bugs are really present in the area.

Catch them red handed

If you still want solid proof that there are bed bugs around, then you may want to stay up late and see them for yourself. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, so have a flashlight with you in your sleep. Turn the lights off and wake up at around dawn. With the flashlight, watch the bedbugs slowly creep through your sheets. This, however, does not guarantee a 100% sighting especially if you only have a few.

Climb Up Detectors

If you really want solid evidence that there are bed bugs around then you may want to try the climb up interceptors/detectors. Deceptively simple these devices with their two capture areas can protect you but in some ways, more importantly, will give you samples to confirm that you have bed bugs. And secondly determine if the bed bugs are coming from areas away from or off the bed or on the bed and attempting to leave the bed. One capture area is for bed bugs coming from a nest off the bed and the other capture receptacle from bed bugs on the bed. This will givie valuable information to find their lair and if they are off the bed protect you at night as you weight the decision to opt for pest extermination. These climb up interceptors are a good investment.

Bed Bug Dogs

Dogs ability to smell is 10,000 times superior to humans. Specially trained dogs that have completed a 6 month course are the best way to determine if you have bed bugs and where they are hiding. These dogs can also smell and detect bed bug eggs. They are in the high 90% of accuracy. Many pest control companies have them available and although they are expensive; the peace of mind if they do not find them is often worth it and conversely the pest control companies will frequently apply at least a portion of the dog inspection charge against the cost of treatment. I have seen pest control dog handlers come in first and do a visual inspection themselves and not charge you for the dog inspection in cases where the bed bug infestation is obvious. Find local pest control companies with bed bug dogs.