So you’ve got silverfish bugs crawling about your home, and you want to get rid of them, and rightly so. Silverfish insects are not only unsightly, but they can potentially cause a lot of damage to both your house, and to your property.

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Traditional Solutions

There are a number of techniques available for getting rid of silverfish pests. Tackling the problem yourself, your choice of natural active products include clove oil, thyme oil, d-limonene, boric acid or diatomaceous earth.

A number of synthetic products include permethrin, bifenthrin, deltamethrin and others. These products are usually dusted, sprayed or baited around your house, targeting areas where silverfish like to hide.

The main issue with these natural and chemical products, is that many of them are toxic, both to you, your family and pets. The products may work to get rid of silverfish, but you need to ask yourself at what cost, and whether it is the best way to solve the problem.

Similarly, hiring an exterminator to kill silverfish will likely just end up with the same chemicals being deposited in your house, with the added downside of an expensive bill as well.

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Should you decided to go the natural or chemical product route anyway, you’ll find a selection of options for killing silverfish bugs in our Get Rid of Silverfish Store.

So what’s the alternative? You either put up with the silverfish pest, or risk using potentially-harmful chemicals to get rid of the silverfish. Fortunately, there is an alternative that is both cheap, safe, fast and requires no chemicals at all!

The Best Solution for Getting Rid of Silverfish!

Fortunately for us, a man by the name of Bob Haskin’s trekked through all of the above options, found them each lacking in some way and came up with his own solution for getting rid of silverfish!

He calls it ‘Silverfish Control: The Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish‘, and he’s selling his solution as an e-book online, at a price cheaper than you’d pick up any of the chemical solutions he guarantees you simply don’t need!

Bob’s technique is not only chemical-free, it’s quick (just a couple of hours is all it takes), and best of all it will get rid of silverfish permanently! That’s right, once you’ve applied Bob’s solution, you’ll be completely free of silverfish bugs, and they wont come back.

Sound too good to be true? Bob understood, which is why he personally tested his technique on other households with a silverfish problem, and reported a 100% success rate in eliminating silverfish from these houses completely, and permanently.

The testimonials on his website reinforce this success rate, with happy silverfish-free customers thanking Bob for his amazing solution, over and over again.