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  1. stevie g
    January 20, 2017

    Well written. Thanks.


  2. Jeff Gamso
    January 20, 2017

    Shakespeare told the story Measure for Measure. In the Duke’s absence, Angelo is left in charge of Vienna, and is determined to enforce the law against fornication (and to violate it, since he’s a hypocrite, but that’s a separate, albeit related, matter). The obvious question comes up from one of the subjects:

    “Does your worship mean to geld and spay all the youth in the city?”

    What people will do, regardless, cannot usefully be made criminal. Of course, utility isn’t really the point, no matter what they say.


  3. Nunya Biznass
    January 22, 2017

    Well written but I’d like to point out a few errors.
    The arrests were made in Dekalb county GA, not Gwinnett. The ADA arrested was a Gwinnett prosecutor who traveled to Dekalb county to see these girls.
    All of the articles say someone tipped off the cops. Back in Oct the cops came to the door of one of the locations bc neighbors had complained about the constant knocking on the door. So the most likely tip came from a neighbor. Also, the owner was a real piece of work, so it’s not far out there to think possibly one of the many women he wronged jusr had enough!! But it wasn’t a customer getting irritated about price negotiation, as there was no “price negotiation.”

    There is mention of trafficking. The owners are being charged w human trafficking. Again such BS as none of those girls were brought in from other states, nor were they held against their will.

    Aa far as damage to families, the damage was already in place when these men decided to step out on their marriages and seek sex elsewhere. If not for escorting, these guys would be in back alleys paying $20 to a girl w a needle in her arm.
    The escorts themselves did not CAUSE any damage. Thats hysterically funny to think that.
    Then the REAL and collateral damage happened w these arrests. So, what was going on quietly behind closed doors, not hurting anyone has now caused: public humiliation, people to lose their jobs, divorces, child custody battles, their CHILDREN being dragged into this, displacement and I’m sure a slew of other issues both the escorts and johns now have to deal with because of the arrests.

    Good luck to all involved when trying to get a job elsewhere. Some of these girls, yes are career escorts and will do it til they’re retired. But some are struggling moms who are in school or building a future of some sort and doing this bc it allows more time to spend w their kids or in school or whatever it may be. Now with these charges on their record, their futures have been gravely handicapped and so most will have very little option BUT to go back to adult entertainment of some sort. So, good job there idiots!!


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